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I'm really excited to introduce a new skull series that I'm working on. This is just me having some fun with spooky cute characters. Skullies is what I'm calling them now because it seems to fit. But I haven't 100% settled on that yet.

I will most likely offer these as 8" x 10" prints and eventually other merch such as enamel pins, tees, jewelry, etc.

More Skullies and their animal familiars coming soon!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Hello lovelies.

I wanted to share with you a little exercise I do that really helps me get out of a creative funk. We all experience artist block from time to time. It can be quite frustrating.

I also made a video about this that you can check out here:

One thing that really helps me is taking the pressure off by making quick easy art for pure fun and enjoyment. So I make sketchcards. You have probably seen me sharing these all over my social media platforms.

These are 2.5" x 3.5", also otherwise known as Artist Trading Cards. And they make lovely little originals that you can collect, trade or sell.

The idea is to not overthink them. Just quick easy art.

I often think of theme and make a whole series based on that. Some of my favorite subjects to draw are animals, skulls and spooky characters.

I currently have some of these for sale in my online shop.

Hello my lovelies!

Skulls and animals has been my thing of late.

I made these bad boys at the end of last year and finally got around to list the prints up for sale in my online shop. I plan on listing the originals sometimes soon.

Each 8" x 10" print is $20. You can also save yourself some dollars and get all 4 for $60.

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