Our Plans for 2020

We made it through the holidays and in all honesty we can't believe how quickly 2019 flew by. 

First Let's recap what we accomplished in 2019. 

1. We finished and released Ghoulish Grimoire Issue 7 (just a tad later than we were expecting).

2. I transitioned into a new creative direction with my art which resulted in a completely new body of work.

3. Exhibited at over 20 shows and hitting record sales at San Diego Comic-Con.

4. Funded a successful Kickstarter for my art book Dark Tidings.

5. We invested in Pro-panels to really make our show display the best it can be.

Plans for 2020

New Enamel Pin Set - Kickstarter Launching March

I already started on the concept sketches of these cute little buggers. Let me know which ones are your favorites (#10 is Shawn's fave)

Over 20 New Paintings 

I will working on 3 to 4 different collections throughout the year.  Each one will contain 6 to 8 themed pieces with the first collection, Winter Witches, being released later this month.

Finish Ghoulish Grimoire Series - Issues 8, 9, 10

Our goal has been to complete the series at 10 books. We just have 3 more to go and Issue 8 will coming out in the next couple months.

The Ghoulish Grimoire Special Edition Anthology Book

The ultimate plan is to compile all the stories from the books, get them professionally edited and made into one big hardcover anthology book. I'll also be creating a lot of new art and an extra bonus story (or two) from Shawn. We are planning to run a Kickstarter sometime in 2021. 

Holiday Specials

We're planning something special for next holiday season instead of the usual sale. More details TBA. 

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Ghoulish Bunny Studios features the dark and whimsical artwork of Diana Levin and scary stories by Shawn Givens. Together we travel to various horror and comic conventions all over the U.S selling artwork and books.

©2020 Ghoulish Bunny Studios. Art by Diana Levin

Stories by Shawn Givens. For more information about copyright and usage, click here.

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