What is the legend of Stitches? How did he came to be? Maybe a gypsy curse or a toy that got possessed by an evil spirit? We all know one thing is for sure. Stitches is up to no good.


Stitches is an original character who will appear in future projects, books and stories to come.  In this illustration, he is walking a baby T-Rex. Why you ask? Just because!


Original is drawn in Copic markers and Pen and Ink. This is reproduction of an original that has been mixed with digital media.


8.5″ x 11″ print comes unmatted and unframed.


No watermark on the actual print

Printed on heavyweight high quality paper

Signed and dated by the artist Diana Levin

Stitches the Voodoo Bunny - Art Print

  • Average time for shipping is 3-5 business days. 

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©2019 Ghoulish Bunny Studios. Art by Diana Levin

Stories by Shawn Givens. For more information about copyright and usage, click here.

Ghoulish Bunny Studios features the dark and whimsical artwork of Diana Levin and scary stories by Shawn Givens. Together we travel to various horror and comic conventions all over the U.S selling artwork and books.

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