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Diana Levin 

Welcome to my lair! I'm an independent artist based out of Los Angeles. I spend  my days drawing spooky characters and selling my creations online. When not in lockdown, my partner Shawn and I travel to comic and horror convention all over the U.S.  I get my inspiration from horror films, fantasy, Halloween and the occult.

About the Writer 

Shawn Givens is a writer of our horror book series The Ghoulish Grimoire. He turns simple words into terrifying magic. And drinks scotch.

About the Artist

Show Schedule 2023

Anaheim Oddities * January 7

San Diego Oddities * January 14

Charlotte NC Oddities  * February 18-19

Dallas Oddities * March 25

Tulsa Oddities * April 8

Columbus OH Oddities * April 22

Texas Frightmare Weekend * May 26- 28

Phoenix Fan Fusion * June 2 - 4

Monsterpalooza * June  2-4

Austin Oddities * June 17

San Diego Comic-Con * July 19-23

Midsummer Scream * TBA

Richmond VA Oddities * August 12-13

SLC Oddities * September 9-10

Vegas Oddities * September 16

FanX Salt Lake * September 21- 23

Denver Oddities * October 7

Son of Monsterpalooza * TBA

Seattle Oddities * October 14-15

Portland Oddities * October 21-22

Bay Area Oddities * October 28


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