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Meet Our Team

Diana Levin

January 03, 2023

Diana Levin was spawned in mystical land of Belarus; though after many a frozen winter, her family immigrated to the sunny shores of California. Always one that liked to see the darker side of life, but in a cute way, she found inspiration in old fairy tales and fantasy fables.  Working in many mediums, a few of which are acrylic, digital, pen and ink; Diana fine tuned her craft, developing her style. After many years of working “normal” jobs, Diana took the plunge signed up for her first comic convention. Starting with a small handful of prints and jewelry, she marched forth realizing her dream of being a working artist, yet she needed a minion…

Shawn Givens

February 23, 2023

Shawn Givens was discovered in a secret hold of a military base in California (often said he was left there by a UFO). Secretly infiltrating an unsuspecting family, he joined the ranks of military brats and traveled the world in search of adventure. Upon his release into the wild by his loving family, Shawn ran amok as a bartender and weaving tales of daring woe. Capping it off by finishing his college degree (to further refine his writing of tales) in the frozen tundra of Upstate New York, Shawn decided to thaw out in Southern California. Working in small productions and as a background actor in many a shows, he yearned to express himself more creatively, and luckily found a like minded individual…

On a long road trip through the desert, coming from a convention together, Shawn and Diana discussed the future. With the hours of driving fueled with an obscene amount of caffeine, a thought occurred in their crazed minds; what if they combined their talents. Upon that fateful night Ghoulish Bunny Studios was born; a collaboration that will focus on creating great products such as prints, jewelry, books and much more.

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